Different Ways to Wear a Romper


The romper is a summer staple for many women, but it can be hard to determine which style and color will work best for you. The first thing most people would say about the romper is that it should not have too much coverage. Many rompers are short and show off your legs, while others go down past your knees. Some are even cropped at the waist, so they reveal just a little bit of skin when worn with high-waisted bottoms or shorts. Others might be loose-fitting and long enough to cover up any problem areas like stomachs or thighs.

A romper has been a wardrobe staple for decades. Back in the day, they were typically worn as casual clothing and reserved for summer days where you can throw on a tank top and be out the door. But nowadays, dresses are not always an option because of work dress codes or your location. With that said, here are different ways to wear a romper this fall:

  • Pair it with loafers or booties for a more polished look;
  • Wear it over leggings with boots to stay warm while still looking chic;
  • Layer with jeans and then tuck the bottom into some tall boots if you’re going somewhere that requires heels;
  • Team it up with sneakers or flats.

The best tops to wear with a romper

If you’re thinking about purchasing a romper, it’s essential to consider what top you’ll be wearing with the dress. You want to make sure that your outfit is cohesive and flattering both from the front and back. The wrong choice can create an unflattering silhouette or a confusing message.

Once you’ve chosen your perfect romper, it’s time to find the perfect top. You want something that is either cropped or hits right at your hips, so it doesn’t cover up any of the lovely fabric in front and back. For colder weather, try wearing a tank under a cardigan or sweater or button-down shirt tucked in – this makes it easy for nursing moms and those who don’t want their belly exposed when bending over.

What Shoes Go With Rompers?

Women constantly have to find new ways to dress up their outfits. One of the most popular clothing trends right now is wearing a romper. However, if you want to incorporate this trend into your wardrobe, you must know what shoes go with rompers.

Heels: Heels will make your legs look longer and slimmer as well as give off an air of professionalism. They’re perfect for work or any event where you need to be taken seriously! Make sure they aren’t too high, though, because heels will only elongate the leg and not shorten it.

Women’s fashion is constantly changing. What was popular in the last few years might not be famous for much longer, and what will be popular next year is anyone’s guess. However, one trend that has already stuck around and seems to have staying power is rompers! You may not know what shoes go with your new favorite outfit quite yet- we’re here to help you figure it out!